Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life's a Beach!

Welcome Back!
Our little man is 10 months old! Every day brings another great story. Braxton crawls at record speeds, walks along everything (including the big screen), does laps in his walker, and has been caught 'not holding on' a few times. I'm guessing it won't be long before he is walking. Braxton loves to show you how big he is, give high fives, wave when he feels like it, clap when he's happy, and goes crazy for hide and seek. He says Mama & Dada all of the time but we've also heard him say Dede (Deirdre is our nanny!) and Up. He loves puppies, pizza, shopping, the swing, baths, his tupperware drawer and anything outside!
I couldn't wait any longer to get these photos posted. I still need to get our Christmas in Minnesota and Wisconsin pictures posted. We spent 3 hours with a local photographer who took 1200 pictures. She was amazing and it was a beautiful day. We received a cd of 700 touched-up photos. Here are some of our favorites!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Braxton loves Santa or maybe I should say, Braxton loves Santa's beard. We took him to see Santa at the mall and at our clubhouse. He loved watching all of the kids. He's really changed a lot over the last few weeks. He's finally sleeping through the night! He's mastered the army crawl and pulls himself up on anything and anybody! We are very excited to spend 2 weeks in Wisconsin and Minnesota visiting family. Braxton will love all of the attention and he will love the wrapping paper! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
My official portrait with Santa
Check out the cool toy Santa gave me!


Why should I look at mom when I can look at you?

Real men wear pink.

What up Doc? I almost forgot to tell you I have two teeth on the bottom and two more coming in at the top!